The inaugural Rolling Stones Concert was followed by spectacular Supercross, proving that terratrak plus®
Is the most versatile heavy duty turf protection product In the World!


Today’s Stadiums & Sports facilities are faced with a unique problem, on the one hand they are expected to maintain the highest quality playing surface, adhering to the most rigorous standards. On the other they are expected to draw in sell-out crowds for non-sporting events that can jeopardise the quality of their turf.

There is an obvious distinction between turf protection and a turf cover. It is easy to cover a grass field without consideration for the subsequent condition of the turf, it is however a far greater challenge to be able to cover the field, allowing for a swift change from core events held in the stadium to a concert for example and back again, without compromising the quality of the turf.


Terraplas has been in the turf protection business for over twenty five years [since 1991], and has been hugely successful in designing and manufacturing the most widely used protection products around the World – so much so that that it proudly uses the slogan ‘World’s No.1 for Turf Protection’.

The original terraplas® product was designed to protect natural grass at the old Wembley Stadium in London, but today, no matter what the event or where it is being held, Terraplas products are universally acknowledged as the only answer to protecting grass from hordes of people and 100s of tonnes of equipment..

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