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Stade de France Paris

Stade de France Paris
As the host of the annual IAAF World Athletics Championship, Stade de France needed a protective cover system for their running track to allow for additional football and Rugby Union events to take place throughout the rest of the year. Following a rigourous selection process, Stade de France chose TerraTrakPlus to cover and protect their running track.
Stade De France
Paris, France
The 81,338 capacity Stade de France is home to the French national football team and was originally built to be the centrepiece for the 1998 FIFA World Cup. It has since been central to Rugby World Cups and UEFA Champions League finals.

As the running track is partially covered for much of the year with retractable seating, the stadium needed a system that was capable of being fitted for lengthy periods without the risk of damage to the track. Ease of access to and from the playing area was crucial, as well as being able to take the stresses and strains of heavy duty vehicles such as cranes, forklifts and trucks.

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The Consortium Stade de France undertook months of intensive trials and tests of the various products on the market, ultimately making the decision to replace their old system with TerraTrakPlus.

The move to TerraTrakPlus fulfilled all their requirements and means they can quickly and easily remove the covering for athletics, then re-fit to go back to football, rugby or concert mode.

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During installation, TERRAPLAS® laid a layer of geotextile underneath the TerraTrakPlus to provide a cushion effect, which also allows the track to breathe. In addition, it considerably reduces any chance of disease building up on the track causing discolouration damage.