The #1 turf protection

Designed to host sporting events, major concerts, and occasions of all sizes it’s imperative that the field is kept in pristine condition for the baseball season, while also welcoming thousands of nonsporting event visitors.

When the National Finals Rodeo was coming to town the venue protected their artificial turf with TerraTrakPlus during the 10-day event.
Globe Life Field
Texas, USA
Over 12,000m² of TerraTrakPlus was installed in around ten hours by a team of 22 people with two forklifts and drivers. To prevent any transfer of dirt to the field plastic sheeting was laid down prior to the TerraTrak system.

The surface was now ready for a layer of rubber matting and plywood before 100 tons of rodeo dirt was laid, 18 inches deep, to create the perfect rodeo base.

Following the removal of tons of dirt, empty pallets are positioned around the field in advance of the arrival of the tile removal team.

Once the system is removed the grooming process begins. A brushing unit attached to a tractor works the field ensuring the grass fibres stand in their natural position. Infil is added along the warning track edge and hand brushed to create a firm edge to the turf. After three days of set-up and ten rodeo days the grass looks like the day it was installed!

USA - Globe Life Field
What did they say?
“We were expecting the worst, knowing the field had been covered for 3 weeks with 100 tons of dirt and 1,000lb rodeo bulls stomping on it every day. We planned on 7 days of grooming and we completed our work in less than 3 days.”
Manager of Sporting Surfacing