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As the ultimate turf and ice protection for arenas, stadiums, and sports facilities, TERRAPLAS® allows venues to become truly multipurpose. Our solutions make it possible to host concerts, sports events, and more, maximising your revenue potential while protecting your greatest asset - your original turf or ice surface.
Drivable Protection
Designed to take the weight and stress exerted by heavy vehicles, forklift, stages and up to 100-tonne cranes.
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A refined version of our original, pioneering turf protection system, engineered for durability and vehicle pressures.
Among the most popular and superior heavy-duty turf protections, designed for rapid deployment in multi-use venues.
Pedestrian Protection
Protect your arena or stadium surface from the footfall of bustling crowds and light-medium vehicles with pneumatic or air-filled tyres, such as gators and trolleys.
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luggage cart walking
The original and widely valued turf protection solution, designed for both natural and hybrid and synthetic turf.
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Quickest to install, superior quality and heavyweight versatile turf protection.
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A popular all-round pedestrian turf protection, ideal for diverse events and venue requirements.
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Flexible and easy-to-handle turf protection, perfect for multi-site operators and rental companies.
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Cost-effective, durable panels for temporary flooring at events, offering quick and simple installation.
Ice protection
Our ice protection is tailored for ice arenas looking to become multi-functional and generate additional revenue streams without the need to remove ice.
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Offering the best thermal insulation for ice arenas in the industry.
To ensure you select the turf protection most suited to your requirements, and guide you through the purchasing process, we recommend speaking to one of our experts.
Our Pedestrian Protection products can be locked seamlessly into our Drivable Protection product range to create a smooth transition for diverse event needs.

There are an infinite number of layout possibilities for any event and venue. For example, TerraTrakPlus can be installed to create heavy vehicle access to build the stage and towers, paired with TerraTile to provide pedestrian flooring, ready for the crowds.

For tailored solutions, please contact our team.
We supply a range of accessories to enhance functionality. These include ramps and edges for easier access, connection tools to securely lock panels in place, and stillages for storage.
Our panels are engineered with safety in mind, incorporating an anti-slip surface and interlocking connections that create a flat, stable platform, minimising trip hazards. Optional ramps, edges and transitional pieces can also be used to further reduce the risk of trips and falls at entry and exit points.
Designed to be quick and simple to install, Terraplas products substantially reduce labour costs and turnaround times. The only tool required for fitting is a T-bar connecting key, provided with the system, apart from TerraTurf which simply snaps together. There are a number of features of TERRAPLAS® products that help speed up the installation.
Renting our products can be a great solution if you require a temporary flooring solution without committing to a full purchase. If this option interests you, we have a variety of rental partners who can assist you.