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One of our most recent projects was at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium, which perfectly highlighted our pivotal role in transforming the venue in a multipurpose space and maximising non-match day revenues.
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium
London, UK
Since its opening, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium has defined itself by its ability to host a variety of events beyond football matches. However, to fully achieve this for large concerts, a comprehensive pitch protection system was needed.

The project faced several challenges, including a fixed delivery date and complex requirements for protecting both natural and artificial turf.

TERRAPLAS® supplied 10,100 sq metres of TerraTrakPlus, a cutting-edge turf protection system specifically engineered for stadium and arena environments. This innovative solution features heavy-duty, driveable panels suitable for both natural and hybrid turf. The translucent panels allowed photosynthesis to continue, ensuring the grass remained healthy.

Crucially, our system enabled seamless installation and alignment, creating a monolithic floor ideal for diverse events. By maintaining consistent communication with stakeholders and proactively identifying challenges, we demonstrated exceptional problem-solving capabilities throughout the project

Moreover, we implemented flexible workforce scheduling to optimise manufacturing output, ensuring timely delivery of the solution. The development of custom stillage designs further underscored our commitment to meeting the project’s unique requirements.

Thanks to TERRAPLAS®’ expertise and innovative solutions, Tottenham Hotspur Stadium successfully transitioned into a versatile venue, capable of hosting huge concerts, such as Guns N’ Roses.

The Tottenham Hotspur Stadium project exemplifies the our unwavering dedication to excellence and innovation in turf protection.

By delivering a tailored solution that addresses complex requirements and challenges, the company continues to play a huge role in multipurpose stadium infrastructure. As venues seek to diversify their event offerings, TERRAPLAS® remains the go-to choice.