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wembley stadium

Wembley Stadium London
Described by Pelé as the “cathedral of football”, and also home to the NFL in the UK, Wembley must be able to maintain a pristine playing field while also generating revenue via high profile concerts, world-title boxing fights and speedway championships to name but a few!
Wembley Stadium
London, UK
Following the purchase of a system from TERRAPLAS® over 30 years ago for the original stadium, Wembley have been able to host a multitude of events on the “hallowed turf”.

Two 80 tonne cranes are required for the stage build. TerraTrakPlus is utilised as a temporary roadway to allow the cranes to enter and exit the field. Once complete, the TerraTrakPlus is removed and replaced with TerraFlor.

A team of 24 people are deployed to install the 10,250m² of TerraFlor ready to house mixer/delay towers and the safety barrier.

Every blade of grass is protected to ensure the venue is prepared to accept tens of thousands of music fans. Any trip hazards are removed with the addition of edge trims slotted into the TerraFlor tiles.

What did they say?
“...As we tried to solve the challenges of not only offering the world’s best soccer pitch surface but the economics of needing increased stadium event activity and multi-day concerts, TERRAPLAS® was the answer we needed.”
Former Sales & Events Director