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Welcome to Terraplas – the Pioneers of Turf Protection and the Generic term for Temporary Stadium Flooring!

Terraplas, the World’s No.1 for Turf Protection, is located in central England – where our turf protection products are manufactured.   Terraplas has been instrumental in the development and production of temporary flooring systems to protect high quality stadium turf for 30 years.  I pioneered the specialised techniques for turf ‘protection’ as opposed to turf ‘covers’ back in 1990 in consultation with Wembley Stadium, which was at the time, and is still today, one of the World’s busiest multi-use stadiums.  This evidences the value of Terraplas’ experience and expertise in this very specific marketplace. 


The objective of Terraplas has always been to provide premium solutions, which allow Stadiums  and Arenas to host special events and maximise revenue generation, whilst protecting their high quality turf from the rigours and stresses of 10s of thousands of people attending large scale concerts, exhibitions, religious ceremonies, political rallies and in recent years, Monster Trucks and Speedway etc. 


Today’s Stadiums and Arenas MUST be truly multi-functional facilities, however, there is no point in generating additional income only to have to re-invest that revenue in repairing/replacing the playing surface.  Not only is this counter-productive, it also means imposing restrictions on when special events can be held so as not to interrupt the mainstream sport calendar.  Please feel free to request a copy of our current Client List, showing some of the venues that trust in the knowledge of Terraplas and the performance of our products.  In addition to this list are a multitude of other facilities who rent Terraplas products for their events, a testament to the proficiency of Terraplas.


No other system on the market today offers the transformation from sports event to alternative event and back again in the fast and successful way that Terraplas products do.

Terraplas products have been selected ahead of all others in most of the world’s multi-use National Stadiums.  Sustainability is the watch-word of major sports tournaments hosted worldwide, which require the upgrading of existing Stadiums and building of new facilities.  The huge investment  necessary to host such events has to repay the financial outlay with ongoing revenue generation, to maintain standards and avoid dereliction of venues.  All this without fear of damage to their turf or disruption to their activity calendars.


Terraplas are proud of the incredible performance and proven life expectancy of our products.  Not only are the operational results consistently first-class, virtually every system purchased since 1990 … 30  years ago, is still in use today, including many that are regularly used for rental purposes.


These proven achievements cannot be matched by any other Turf Protection manufacturer.


Don’t compromise on quality – it is false economy – proven time after time!


Owning a premium quality turf protection system from Terraplas, means that not only can you hold events any time, even at short notice, you have also an opportunity to accelerate the return on investment by renting to other facilities in your area, both locally and potentially country-wide.


The acquisition, in 2015, of Terraplas by Checkers Industrial Safety Products, (of Broomfield, Colorado), followed by the more recent merger of Terraplas into Hughes Safety Showers – another member of the Justrite Safety Group, guarantees a confident future within a forward-thinking organisation. This highly regarded Group of market-leading International companies, demonstrates and maintains the standards of quality and client care that Terraplas consistently strives to achieve and exceed.

Robert A Else
Inventor of Turf Protection

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