NSC Olympiyskiy – Kiev terratile ® & terratrak plus ®

NSC Kiev opening ceremony

The reconstruction of the National Sports Complex (NSC) Olimpiyskiy in Kiev, Ukraine, is due for imminent completion, connecting 80 years of sports history in the Ukraine with European experience and advanced technologies. It is at this iconic Arena that the final of Euro 2012 will take place, in front of 70,000 soccer fans.

The reconstruction of Olimpiyskiy has created a truly multifunctional sports Arena , providing a quality venue for football matches and athletics meetings at International level. The decision on purchasing a pitch cover to allow the multifunctional nature of the Arena to bring in additional revenue streams, was not taken lightly! After considerable market research and testing, the decision to select market leading Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas products was made. Whilst not being the cheapest available, Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas were able to clearly demonstrate the longevity of their products and proven performance at National Stadiums and Arenas Worldwide. It was consequently agreed that Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas products provided the most suitable solution for the requirements of NSC.

The Arena now has 8,000m² of terratile ® portable flooring and terratrak plus driveable roadway that will be used for the first time for their official opening ceremony in October 2011. Subsequently the investment NSC Olimpiyskiy has made in this leading turf protection system will allow them to host high profile concerts, and other non-sporting events without worrying about the condition of their grass afterwards – a healthy way to keep not only their grounds staff happy, but also their accountants.

NSC Olimpiyskiy are the second major Arena in Ukraine to choose the Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas route – following the example of the Donbass Arena in Donetsk.

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