The best for even less! The obvious progression in turf protection, incorporating many unique features. terraflor ® is a quality temporary floor designed to protect the natural or artificial turf playing area at stadiums when they are being used for non-sporting events.

It allows the passage of air & light and creates a moist atmosphere under the tile, without any noticeable build-up of heat – essential elements for keeping grass healthy and green.

terraflor ® incorporates an overlap on all sides, which is designed to prevent rubbish & non-desirable liquids from passing through to the turf. It also includes the capacity for expansion to avoid buckling under extreme temperatures.

During assembly, terraflor® tiles are pinned into panels of 6 measuring 2.25m x 1.5m.  This is the optimum size when a system is purchased that is likely to be used for rental to other facilities.  The loaded pallets or stillages fit across the bed of a trailer allowing maximum loading and reducing transportation costs.

Stages can be built on top of terraflor® using timber pads to assist in spreading the load.

Lightweight vehicles eg gators/trolleys, with pneumatic tyres can be used on top of terraflor®

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