terratrak®plus SOLUTIONS

terratrakplus SOLUTIONS offer the ultimate protection from heavy loads. Each SOLUTION is specifically designed for use at stadiums and arenas during concert load-in and load-out.

For years Promoters had craved a product which would enable them to bring 150 tonne cranes, forklifts and trucks onto the stadium field without causing significant damage.

In the past plywood or aluminium panels had been used, with disastrous effect. However, this situation changed with the advent of terratrakplus that can be laid by hand and is manufactured from translucent High Density PolyEthylene plastic, which provides the perfect base to protect the facilities’ valuable turf – keeping the Groundstaff happy!!

terratrakplus SOLUTIONS are bolted in panels of 2 during assembly, using bolt systems made from the same material as the camlocks ie Nylon 66, which is as strong as steel but does not bend or rust, and provides the strongest possible panel connection.

The assembled panels allow for an area of 2.42m² (26ft²) to be covered with each panel laid by 2 people. Panels are connected to their adjacent counterparts by means of vertical cams that are locked with a 90 degree turn using a T-Bar connecting key (provided).

terratrakplus SOLUTIONS lock seamlessly to terratrak OPTIONS providing a completely monolithic temporary floor that really works!

As with all other Terraplas products, transition panels are available that link any products in the range together creating a smooth transfer.

Product information is available in the following languages:

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