Terrarak Turf Protection

terratrak-NF [No Feet – designed for artificial turf] & terratrak-WF [With Feet – for natural turf], both incorporate special circular radiussed ribbing geometry, providing unparalleled strength combined with light weight. terratrak-NF & terratrak-WF are bolted into panels of 4 tiles prior to leaving the factory, these bolt systems are made from the same material as the vertical camlocks. Two people lay a panel of 4 tiles at one time, covering 4.84m² (52ft²) and providing the fastest fitting times of any product. Both variants of this product can be locked to terratrak plus to create a completely monolithic floor. terratrak plus is bolted in 2s rather than 4s, and therefore covers an area of 2.42m² (26ft²) per panel (see individual description for more information on terratrak plus). Product information is available in the following languages:

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