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About Us

Over 27 years ago, in a market where stadiums increasingly need to utilise their facilities to generate additional revenue from non-sporting events, Terraplas developed the potential for a turf “protection” system as opposed to a turf “cover”. The aim was to enable quick turn-around from sporting to non-sporting events and back again, i.e., allowing stadiums to be truly multi-functional whilst maintaining the quality of their playing surface.

As this was a completely new concept, Terraplas dedicated over two years of research and development, in conjunction with the professionals who were responsible for the hallowed turf at Wembley Stadium in London, which established the exact requirements for a system that would actually protect the turf rather than just cover it.

From this conceived the patented aspects of the original Terraplas product, which has been maintained throughout the whole Terraplas product range. Of course, the market doesn’t stand still and nor did Terraplas. During the years since the original Terraplas product was conceived a comprehensive range of products has been developed to address specific aspects of the industry. As a consequence, Terraplas has a portfolio of the highest quality turf protection systems, driveable stadium access, temporary roadway products and ice conversion covers available today.

All other Stadium Turf Protection products on the market today have been developed as a direct result of the success of Terraplas, each attempting to achieve the performance and status of Terraplas. What is absolutely proven is the lifespan and continuous performance of Terraplas products! Virtually every system sold since 1991, including the very first system sold to Wembley, is still in constant use today – with no degradation in performance - a statistic no other manufacturer can match and certainly cannot exceed.

Exceptional global reputation and market leading expertise led to the acquisition of Terraplas by the internationally renowned Checkers Industrial Safety Products in October 2015. This was followed, in 2018, by a merger of Checkers and Justrite Manufacturing to create Justrite Safety Group, a growing family of industrial safety companies.

As part of this outstanding specialist Group Terraplas continues to thrive and grow.

Robert Else, the founder of Terraplas way back in 1990, remains at the heart of Terraplas, the “World’s No.1 for Turf Protection” and undisputed authority on turf protection, with a worldwide reputation that is second to none!

All Justrite Safety Group portfolio companies are united by deep safety knowledge, long experience, and a commitment to protecting people, property and the planet, covering every facet of the industrial safety landscape – from the storage, containment and clean-up of hazardous materials to motion safety and emergency showers: