Terraplas excels at Obama Inauguration

Terraplas Protects The National Mall during the Presidential Inauguration


Having spent fifteen months and US$16m transforming three sections of battered turf, The National Mall Trust wanted to ensure their investment was protected (literally and laterally) ahead of the Presidential Inauguration.


To this end and thanks in no small part to their international portfolio of world-class events and venues, Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas’s subsidiary company, Terraplas USA Inc., was contracted by C3 Presents; the production company working for the Trust.


Terraplas USA was responsible for covering 35,000m² (350,000ft²) – which equates to an area of approximately four football pitches – of the Mall for the highly publicised inauguration, which was televised to a global audience of billions.


The terraplas ® system – the world’s No.1 in turf protection – was vital in protecting the turf from the damage that would have been caused by the 700,000+ people who attended the ceremony at the Mall – as is patently obvious from the image below.


John E. “Chip” Akridge, founder and chairman of the National Mall Trust, commented just ahead of the event,


“We spent a lot of money to make this space look the way it looks and we want to maintain it that way.”


And when you see the healthy green grass that had been protected by the terraplas ® in its post-event mode next to that which had not (as is shown in the image below), it is immediately evident that this was money well spent.

PiperSpeaksPromo commented on Linebacker UK Ltd t/a Terraplas’s status:


“I imagine by covering it saved us taxpayers money too! no need to re-seed or bring [sic] in extra landscape implements. Amazing business!”

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