Seattle Mariners: Seattle Mariners Choose Terraplas Re-Born

After 19 years of extremely successful use of the worlds premier turf protection product, terraplas® and working closely with the US Terraplas Team, Seattle Mariners have chosen to not only purchase 85,000ft² of the updated, even stronger terraplas®NF (No Feet) for their pedestrian use, but also a further 17,500ft² of a new drivable version – terraplas®HD.

The Mariners have also elected to convert an additional 27,500ft² of their existing terraplas® product into the HD (Heavy Duty) version.


Not only does this demonstrate confidence in the Terraplas product performance – even after nearly 20 years, it also illustrates the strong  working relationship and appreciation of Terraplas’ expertise.


To reflect the considerable changes in turf protection requirements since it’s inception over 30 years ago, terraplas® has now been “RE-BORN”.


The new integrated anti-slip surface was implemented 2 years ago.  An advanced rib-structure has now been incorporated, making it even stronger and more versatile than the original. How long will this version last – bearing in mind there are numerous terraplas® systems still in use around the world that, in spite of being 20 – 30 years old, continue to perform to the highest standards?


Additionally, the drivable version, terraplas®HD, has been introduced for use under the stage and for front-of-stage, mixer/lighting towers, concessions & toilets etc.


For further information contact:



Mike Beane – Director of Sales

The Americas


Ph: +1 214 704 1090

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