Like all Terraplas products, terratile is manufactured from Translucent Virgin High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), that is not only very strong, it also allows sufficient light to pass through to ensure continuous photosynthesis – a MUST for the ultimate protection of the grass.

It incorporates an integral anti-slip top surface with specially designed, raised air holes that allow the turf to breathe but at the same time prevent liquids from penetrating to the turf below. The underside has strategically designed radiussed webbing for maximum strength and patented round feet that lift the tile slightly from the turf thus minimising any ‘cutting’ of the turf.

Prior to leaving the factory terratile tiles are pinned into panels of 4 tiles measuring 2m x 2m. This means that when fitting the system each panel covers 4m2 at a time, making fitting and lifting extremely fast and efficient.

Stages can be built on top of terratile using timber pads to assist in spreading the load.

Lightweight vehicles eg gators/trolleys, with pneumatic tyres can be used on top of terratile.

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